We are TimeBlocks development team.

After the recent error that was found in coin payments,
we have discovered the issue of coins being paid multiple times.

In order to fix this, we have initialized
all of the purchase histories of the users who have experienced the issue
and paid them the number of coins
which they have purchased through the regular procedure.

Because all purchase histories will be initialized,
all items in the app will be deleted.
Therefore, we ask you to repurchase the items,
even the ones which you have purchased through the regular procedure, again.

It would be better if we could only delete the items which have been purchased
with the coins that were given by this error.
But because we believe this could create even more side effects in the procedure,
we have decided to initialize all purchase history and advise the users to repurchase them.

We are very sorry to cause such inconvenience.
We will do our best to provide a service that is more stable in the future.

Thank you.