Changes of External Calendars Color Syncing

From 2022-08-17, the connection method to the external services will be changed to the server syncing method. 

Originally, additional connection to the external services were made when the app was reinstalled or the user logged in again. 
Also, in the cases where a user used multiple devices, connections were made to the external services on all devices.

After changing to the server syncing method,
the service data on external calendars/to-do list will be available on all devices once logged into TimeBlocks.

How to change to server synchronization method is based on the latest version of TimeBlocks (iPhone app 5.1.50 or higher, Android app 5.1.44 or higher)
You can do this by clicking 'Reconnect' in the side menu - Connections.

(Notice) When logging in using the server syncing method for the first time, the service will receive new data from the external service. Therefore, the colors will be reset based on the data of the external service.


If you do not need the connection function and do not want the colors to be reset based on the external service, 
Please contact to 
We can transfer the data to TimeBlocks.